Extrusion tool manufacturing

In the extrusion process, the quality of the tool used largely dictates the finished product. For this reason, using a high-quality and custom-made tool set in extrusion is the first step on the way to a perfect aluminium product. This is the only way to minimize production errors and make processes more efficient in the series production of aluminium profiles or the customized production of aluminium products for complex projects. Incze GmbH provides you with full support in the manufacture of tools for profile extrusion.

Experts since 1975

When manufacturing tools for aluminium products, you benefit from our valuable know-how in every step of the project. With an experienced team, we design the control of the material flow and the structure of the tool set for you in order to guarantee an exact, reproducible manufacturing method and to create a calculable die life. Together with our global partners and press shops, we manufacture your extrusion tool without any input from your side. The issue of tool correction and replacement is also entirely in our hands and that of our partners.

Any questions?

We would be happy to answer your questions about the manufacture of tools for extrusion. We look forward to supporting you with our experience and dedication.