Extrusion presses

Products in the extrusion process are manufactured with extrusion presses. Aluminium billets are heated and pressed through the shaping tools. These tools, also known as dies, are important for the production of aluminium products in the extrusion process, as they have a significant impact on the quality of the profiles. They are either flat dies for the production of open and solid profiles or porthole dies tools for the production of hollow profiles. Incze GmbH can fall back on many experienced and renowned partner companies and extrusion plants that operate powerful and high quality extrusion presses.

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If you are looking for a full-service provider in all aspects of aluminium profile production and the aluminium extrusion industry, Incze GmbH is your first point of contact. We have been working hand in hand with our partner companies and extrusion plants worldwide since 1975 in order to meet your requirements. Our partners have a portfolio of extrusion presses ranging from 1,000 t to 4,000 t. Reliable delivery dates and high product quality are guaranteed through personal contact and direct exchange with our manufacturers.

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